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The aim, when liquidating a wine portfolio, is to achieve the greatest price from the most advantageous route.

In the past, finding a viable exit strategy for the sale of a wine portfolio was notoriously costly and, in some cases, prohibitive on profit. Now you can find various online merchants, auctioneers, consumers and other investors around the globe eager to acquire Investment Grade Wines.   The aim, when liquidating a wine portfolio, is to achieve the greatest price from the most advantageous route. At Premier Red, we have a system that gives you the opportunity to capitalise on physical auction and online sales, factoring in all commissions and logistics for a stress-free and transparent solution.


“At the moment you cannot say that wine drinking is widespread throughout Asia, the potential is enormous.”

Serena Sutcliffe, Master of Wines, Sotheby’s

The opportunities available within the secondary market are now vast. And some of the routes available through Premier Red are especially exciting considering our close ties and presence within China. The auction market for fine wines currently accounts for over €1 billion per annum. And the fact China has become increasingly bullish when vying for the finest wines in the world is beneficial, as the effect on already high prices and limited supplies will be profound.   Over the past decade the Asian wine market has grown exponentially with Hong Kong leading the way. The wine sector as a whole gained HK$5.5 billion worth of wine related business in 2009, representing an increase of over 30% in comparison to 2007. The auction market also flourished with The ‘Imperial Cellar’ sale held by New York auction house Acker Merrall & Condit, which set a record for any wine auction in Asia by fetching HK$124 million (US$16 million).   Acker president and auction director, John Kapon, said he was “beyond thrilled” with the result of the sale, with a large number of items selling well above their estimated value and over 95% of all lots being sold.   This growth has been solidified by Hong Kong keeping its title as the largest wine auction centre in the world for three consecutive years since 2010 with total auction sales amounting to HK$1.2 billion in 2012, according to Wine Spectator.



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