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For 2013 to 2017 wine sales are forecast to grow 11% per annum in value.

London has long been considered the centre of the global wine trade and Hong Kong, which recently lifted all duties on wine, has become the hub of the wine trade in Asia. Figures supplied by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council shows the UK as one of the biggest suppliers of wine to Hong Kong and valued it at close to HK$8.4 billion in 2012. In all, wine imports across Asia amounted to US$70.7 billion in 2012, up 64% compared to five years previous. For 2013 to 2017 wine sales are forecast to grow 11% per annum in value.


Sales in mainland China are even more spectacular – US$40.5 billion in 2012, up 125% compared to five years previous – and are forecast to grow by 17% per annum over the same period.


Premier Red’s expertise in the UK and Asia means that communication and information flow is accurate and up to date. The unique benefit of our strategy is a platform that enables you as an investor to buy fine wine at an advantageous price, within an area that has the best supply. Then at a later date offer these wines, once they are scarce, to an area that lacks sufficient supply and will pay the highest premium.   Although a practice that has long been considered rife with difficulty, Premier Red is ideally positioned to minimise complication and risk, and in turn maximise profitability.


Our dedicated portfolio managers have the knowledge and experience to recommend the finest wines in the world differentiated by each client’s individual needs.


London City Bond, which houses all our clients’ wines, dates back to 1870. Here all wines are kept in temperature-controlled conditions and provide insurance at market value, ensuring your wines are kept at an optimum for resale. We also provide regular updates to keep you informed on developments within the Europe and Asia markets.   Premier Red can also value a wine portfolio at any given time and offer advice. The most important element of any asset is to sell at the highest possible price. We always aim to achieve this and will facilitate a sale upon instruction with complete transparency.


Premier Red provides a complete portfolio service comprising:


Fine Wine selection

Storage Insurance

Market updates

Portfolio valuation

Sale of wine



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